Welcome to Life: Reformatted.  Not long ago, I reformatted my computer.  I erased the hard drive, and upgraded to a new operating system.  I cleaned out the crap, and started fresh.

What a beautiful concept.  Wouldn’t we all just love to start fresh?  Cut away what’s slowing us down and start living free?  Well I’ve taken this concept quite literally, and that’s exactly what this blog is about.  Cutting out the crap, refreshing your life, and taking control.  Because you only get one shot.  Because life doesn’t “just happen”.  Because you owe it to yourself, and you deserve it.

What you’ll find here is practical advice about living a life full of abundance,  enjoyment, and with you in control.  If I can inspire even just one person in this world, it will be worth it.

Part of the reason I put this blog together is so I can become something better.  I’ve always felt like I was destined for something huge on this earth, but something was holding me back.  Well I’ve come to realize that that something was me.

It’s all too common that we grow up in a world where we are told what to do and who to be, until we get mashed into the gears of society, winding up as another cog in the machine.  Social classes, learning institutions, government, they all want us to fulfill a need.  In order to do that, we are fed line after line that distances us from the very core of who we are.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fed on it for far too long.  But I’ve decided to break that mold.  Today is a transitional period in my life, and this blog is a spring board to launch my journey and to reflect upon that which I’ve accomplished.  Tomorrow, anything is possible.

2 responses to “About

  1. wow. honestly your about me page was pretty inspiring…I’m taken aback! it hit home for me. I agree blogging has caused me to take a lot of self look and figure out who I really want to be.

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