IMG_2927_1In 2012, skydiving changed my life forever.  Years later, with over 1000 skydives, I have jumped all over the United States, worked at several dropzones and am more passionate about the sport than ever.

I am currently filming tandem and competition skydives in northern California. In addition to freefall photography, I am a USPA Accelerate Freefall (AFF) Instructor, offering the first jump course and AFF progression to those interested in becoming solo skydivers.  For those in pursuit of their USPA A-License, as well as advancing their skills in the sport, I am also a USPA Coach offering everything from basic freefall skills to advanced belly flying, back flying, free flying, tracking, angle flying, big way skills, and canopy progressions.

Check out my rating profile at Sigma’s public merit page.

In the meantime, contact me if you have questions, and check out my videos posted under the “skydiving” category and on my youtube page!  Then come jump with me and find out why birds sing.

Joseph Pascucci


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