SLO Sunset

Like the pictures you see here on Life:Reformatted?  So do I, and that’s why I dedicate my time to as many opportunities as I can to create great shots.  Photography is as pure a way of communicating as it is an art.  It is something that speaks across language barriers as well as time and space.  It is a way to embrace ourselves as a moment in time, rather than a living, breathing, ongoing bag of skin with stuff to do.  And this is why I love photography.

If you are interested in using my work, check out Light:Reformatted Photography or contact me for more information.  All photos used herein are property of Joseph Pascucci unless otherwise noted.  Please do not use the photos found on this website without express written permission by the owner.

If you’d like to work with me, let’s get in touch!

Joseph Pascucci

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