Two Months As A Vagabond

As of today, I have been on the road for two whole months.  It’s been a hell of a journey so far.  I’ve met so many people, seen so many things, wound up in places that I never expected, and shattered preconceived notions that I had concerning the way of the world.  Last but not least, I am learning myself.

The Highlights

From skydiving, to hiking, to surfing and everything in between, this is an homage to the people and places of the last two months.


Skydiving at Cross Keys in New Jersey! Steve, Me, and Fancy (left to right)


Mike’s game face – Durham, NC


Visiting family in North Carolina

My first couchsurfing collective experience.

My first couchsurfing collective experience – Savannah, GA


Nashville Live Music!


Tragic Beauty in Oklahoma City.


Couchsurfing Pizza Party in Albuquerque, NM


Backpacking the Grand Canyon for 3 days – solo!

Prehistoric Terrain at Joshua Tree National Park

Prehistoric Terrain at Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Meeting someone in LA took me on a path that was just a little unexpected…

Above The Rim - @ the Grand Canyon

Back to the Grand Canyon!

It was so hot in Death Valley, I turned into a dragon

Death Valley photo shoot

Lone Pine Lake at Mount Whitney

Lone Pine Lake at Mount Whitney, CA

I eventually went solo again, and got back on my own path…


First time surfing! Pismo Beach, CA


Grab the Sun – San Louis Obispo, CA


The Natural Beauty of Big Sur, CA

The Giant Redwoods of Big Basin

The Giant Redwoods of Big Basin, CA

San Francisco Nights

San Francisco Nights

Making time for family in Grass Valley, CA

Making time for family in Grass Valley, CA

Until a spontaneous decision put me on a path to the Pacific Northwest with an adventurous soul…

Reconnecting with an adeventurous woman and hitting the pacific northwest

Hitting the pacific northwest

Seattle Nights

Seattle Nights

The Realizations

Along the way, I have spent much time looking for my next place to sleep.  I have slept in tents, slept on couches, slept in closets, houses, hotels and cars.  I have been floored by the hospitality that has been given to me by my various hosts.  I have made not just connections, but friends.

I have been confronted with my true desires, questioning what I really want.  At one point, it felt like I was standing at a fork in the road, looking at the two possible paths that my life could go down at that point.  I was challenged with a decision that I never expected to make, or even care about.

I can’t maintain this lifestyle forever; the open road tends to take a toll on a man that can only be healed by a home.  But for now, I continue on in search of what’s next.  Maybe something more, maybe something less.  Either way, it will be something nonetheless, and what that something is, I aim to find out.

Til next time…


4 responses to “Two Months As A Vagabond

  1. The pictures are awesome,so are you.We miss and love you,Charles really misses you.Take care stay healthy and be safe.

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