To View Mountains: Day 13 – Let There Be Light

In every country the mountains are fountains, not only of rivers but of men. Therefore we all are born mountaineers, the offspring of rock and sunshine.” – John Muir

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

To be in the mountains, you by default must be a survivor.  And if you’re not one, you become one quick.  The first few days after leaving Muir Trail Ranch were possibly the hardest of the trip, yet also some of the most rewarding.  Our packs were still massively heavy and we had started getting into some very high terrain.  It’s also when we got on the ‘one-pass-a-day’ plan.  Perhaps the worst of it, though, was the daily rain.  Finally, though, the clouds opened and revealed the sun in all it’s glory.

When we woke at Wanda Lake, the clouds shrouded the sky just enough to catch a breathtaking sunrise (camera malfunction!)  Then it was time to head over Muir Pass.  Pass a lake, keep going, pass a glacier, keep going.  Laundry in the stream, lunch by a waterfall.  Into Le Conte canyon, we hiked along Palisades Creek until it was time to hang it up for yet another day.

14.2 Miles

4000 ft Elevation Loss



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