Road Trip Highlights and New Posts Update 8/20/13

As of 8/20/13 I am postponing any further installments of my road trip until it is over.  It has become way to overwhelming for me to catalog everything when at each turn I get pulled in ten new directions and I just don’t have the time to be sorting through photos and writing 5 pages a day.

So for now, I will be posting highlights when I can, which will include some photos and bare bones details of what happened at each destination.  More like teasers (yeah, I’m bad I know).  I have most of the full installment for Savannah already written, so you might see that too, but anything further will just be highlights until I have time to put a proper effort into writing quality posts.

You’ll know what’s what by the title system.

A full installment will look like this:

Week 2.1:  Savannah, GA – A Couchsurfing Extravaganza


A highlight will look like this:

Highlight: Backpacking The Grand Canyon


 Hopefully, this will keep those of you following this blog (and perhaps those who I just met/surfed with) updated with what’s going on without keeping me from actually being out and experiencing the world!

By the way, if you haven’t yet followed the blog, do so by signing up in the sidebar under “Follow Me!”  There will be some great photos and stories to come…


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