Highlight: Savannah Couchsurfers Collide


You opened my eyes to the awesomeness of couchsurfing and the beauty of uncertainty.

In Savannah I was lucky enough to be hosted by probably the coolest southern couchsurfing host I could have asked for – Lauri.  When I arrived at around 9ish, I realized that she was also hosting 3 other couchsurfers, 2 girls from Denmark and a guy from England.  Not even two hours later, we were midnight swimming off the beach at Tybee Island – can you say unexpected?

The next day, the three other couchsurfers and I hit the streets and experienced the history of Savannah.IMGP2583

We kicked around the city, until the city kicked back.  It was time to stop for a beer with our host Lauri at a bar in City Market.

1079109_698066436875782_2066100879_o (1)

The next day, the girls took off, and me and Nathan headed back to the beach at Tybee Island to blow off some steam.


Ohhhh Savannah…

I miss you already!


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