Highlight: Hot Springs, AR

Since I stayed an extra day in Nashville, I had to modify my road trip plan a bit.  So I cut out my stop in Memphis, and the weather had me skip skydiving in Tennessee.  But it seemed like the day on the boat was worth it.  So I drove straight to Hot Springs, Arkansas, the childhood hometown of Bill Clinton!

When I got into Hot Springs, I set up my hammock


then it was time to silence the beast within, so I broke out the grill!


Since it was already late, I played my guitar a while before heading off to bed.  In the morning, it was time for breakfast 🙂


Then since there were no showers, I took a bath in the adjacent stream.


I hit the town to check out some sights.  The water in Hot Springs is actually too hot to swim in, so there are several bath houses in the town instead.


And fountains everywhere.


Back in the early 20th century, gangsters would use the town as a hideaway, where they lavished in the swanky hotels and bathhouses here.

Before long I had to make my way, so I hit the road  through the beautiful and mountainous back roads that lead out of Hot Springs,


before getting back on the main highway towards my next stop, Oklahoma City…


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