Week 4: Sunny San Diego!

Friday, August 23rd 2013

I left LA and headed south. San Diego was just a short 2 hour drive from Los Angeles. Dewey, an old high school friend and band mate of mine, had been living there, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit.

I pulled in, and in typical California fashion, had to hunt for a parking spot.  If it’s easy to find a parking spot in Cali, you’re probably in the desert.  Wait, scratch that, it’s all desert.

After saying our hellos and catching up a bit, Dewey gave me a condensed tour of San Diego.


We walked around Seaport for a while where I started to get the feel for the laid back vibe of SD.


We then headed to old town, where it looks pretty much the same as when the city was first colonized.  There we got some food and walked around for a bit.



A rooster sits perched on a dog’s back.



Mariachi music echoed through the streets.

After a full day of walking around and catching up, we headed back to grill some food, then went out for the night in downtown.  We wound up at some pretty cool rooftop bar that overlooked the city.


After the bars closed, we kicked around the idea of driving to Tijuana, but driving wasn’t the best idea, so we called it a night.

That weekend, I ran around San Diego checking out the beaches, the city, the architecture, and the culture.


From the park to the beach, I kicked around SD in the warm summer heat.



In the evening, I found myself an open mic to play at, and of course some interesting character’s popped up there.




Monday, August 26th 2013


The next day I made some time to hit up the local airfields with one of Dewey’s friends, a fellow skydiver.  We did a couple of RW jumps (Relative Work, where you jump with other jumpers in order to accomplish a task or formation) and I got some canopy rides with a nice view of both the city of San Diego and Tijuana, not to mention the surrounding mountains.


That night, I went on another hunt for an open mic, however some bad intel led me on a wild goose chase in University Heights, which I must admit, was not a bad place to be on a wild goose chase.



Tuesday, August 27th 2013


Click Photo For Full Album

It was inevitable that I made it to the San Diego Zoo.  But who could blame me?  One of the most famed zoos of modern eras, I had to see what it was all about.  Click the photo above to see for yourself.

San Diego was great.  Seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and exploring a beautiful beach city with an attitude more laid back than a reclining chair all left an impression.  However, during my stay I was also busy plotting something for the following days… something a little, shall we say – off course.






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