To View Mountains: Day 16 – Fissure

How terribly downright must seem the utterances of storms and earthquakes to those accustomed to the soft hypocrisies of society.” – John Muir

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The days had now been clear for some time.  The storms had since passed and for that we were happy.  But a different storm had been brewing.  Different goals and different plans were at the route of it all.  We decided it was time for the group to break apart.  To me, this was worse than any storms we had previously encountered.

Still, there is a calm breath of new life after every storm, and the same was true now.  I hiked on to Rae Lakes from Baxter Creek, where along the way I reconnected with one of my group and our guardian angel from the days before.  We decided to stay the night at Rae Lakes and rest, relax, swim, fish and enjoy nature.  We caught some trout and cooked them for dinner.  Peace had once again found me.

3 Miles

~800′ Elevation Gain


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